I am seeking someone who can draw simple clear pictures, quickly! I do not want or expect detailed pictures that take hours, just clear emotive representations of text - eg if the text says "your teacher will be sad" that's what we need to see! We don't need a very busy bustling background, 20 things on her desk, 6 other students and other things to "distract".

As this is my first book - and I will be attempting to self publish - the budget for this is rather low, I hope to have more money to spend on future works if this is a success! So future work will be a definite possibility for the right person, as well as the chance to increase charges after the first couple of books!

Please let me know what you will charge per illustration, keeping in mind that I will require the ongoing ownership of these illustrations. Your work and name will obviously be on the book if desired, and if all pans out we will hopefully be able to form a future partnership based on larger numbers.