Goal/Task: I am trying to get a hand drawing of George Bryan "Beau" Brummell. He never sat for an actual full-length portrait so people have only been able to guess what he looks like. If you even google the biography, the cover doesn't include a picture of his face because no one can be sure what he looks like. Please google his name to see previous pictures of him. So this new picture could easily be added to the short list of attempts.

Overall, I am looking for a drawing of a full-length Brummell. Basically, tall dark hair, few curls here and there, good black boots, khaki trousers, a black long dress coat, white sort of tie, cane and top hat in hand. I would like the drawing to be basically a side version of the Beau Statue, same stance, so you don't see his entire face, just the side. When he was serving in the military he fell off of his horse and broke his nose, so I like the idea of not showing his full face, just the side.

Brummell Background: Brummell lived in London in the late 17th, early 18th century. Thought of as a founding father of modern fashion, the term "dandy" was created for him So if you ever heard the phrase "don't you look Dandy" that came about because of him. Through his dress and witty humor, he made friends with the top people in London, was King George IV's best man. Although, he couldn't keep up with the 1% lifestyle and gambled too much and was always in debt. He ends up dying from syphilis and in lots of debt, but still a great legacy to try and build off of.

Dandyism: "Less is more, idea of minimalism"

Rumors about Brummell: took five hours a day to get dressed, other gentlemen would ask if they could come watch him dress each day, and Beau believed you should shine your shoes with champagne.
Brummell pic.jpg
General Picture