We're a clothing brand based out in arizona, our story is this:
"WHO IS JONNY BLAZE? The lost soul who found purpose and meaning through his clothes and his designs. He was confused, trapped in a system, but he broke free and spreads his message of ambition through effortless streetwear style. The message is simple, “Don’t be dead inside.” Our whole brand revolves around this theme of society being dead, a whole lotta useless people in this world that are just dead in the head. We want to portray a comic about our main character Jonny Blaze (who is a skeleton) and have it tell his story. Our Jonny Blaze is in no way associated with ghost rider or method man, we have spelt the name differently and do not have any association with rap or motorcycles so there's no need to worry about copyright. We're looking for an artist that can create an edgy comic for us that really shows our story the way we want to.