This project has been awarded. It may be re-opened if final work is unsatisfactory.

I'm not very experienced with my gif/flash animation app but I need an animated figure of a two-armed nataraja (not with any of the details of the figurine statue at Cern) but fairly realistic dancing motion. I would like transparent images I could add to various backgrounds I can create and upload to my gif/flash animation software that I would upload to various pages in my website (Google) anthropic+trilogy - The figure would sway in a symmetrical mirror positions in 3-sec moments...right/left - left/right for a 6 sec animated gif loop. I would guess it would require around 20 transitional images to go from extreme right to center - and then those images could be flipped horizontally to complete the sway to the extreme left but you could let me know what it actually would require for a realistic dance.

I'd also like you to use the illustrations for you to create a 18-sec animation panel of nataraja dancing in a background of cosmic light (see image at:
that follows the titles in my (Google) primordial+rhythm+meditation youtube meditation videos - which I assume you could create in After Effects.