I am looking for a small job for a new game that I am working on. This game can be played with a deck of face cards. I need to make the deck of cards turn into a game with nuts and squirrels. The diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs need to turn into walunts, acorns, pistachios, and peanuts. We will have a red cards and also black cards just like a deck of playing cards. There will be 52 cards in a deck with cards 1 - 10 having nut graphic and a number and 11, 12, and 13 card will have the squirrel pictures kind of like face cards. We do want the number 12 card to be a female squirrel. The artwork I need are 4 nuts and 3 squirrels. These will be used on all of the cards.

I had a friend mock up some examples and got some images from google. I will email them so you can see what we are shooting for. This is my first attempt at a game but have many other ideas if this one works out.

As far as compensation goes, I'm not really sure what to put down. I'll just put $1,000 and we can go from there.

I want to own the images when they are finished.

This is not a kids game but a game for ages 14+ so I don't want it to look like a game for 5 year old children but more a card game for older kids and adults.