Hello. I am in the process of creating FUN, Cartoon Music Videos for EVERY ONE. I "have" the PERFECT cartoon character. I "have" some video editing skills, BUT, I can NOT create a CHARACTER in 3-D. I can NOT use adobe after effects or similar programs. I use OTHER video editing SOFTWARE. I NEED to get the CHARACTER MOVING in 3-D, if possible. The character NEEDS to have his HANDS moving in DIFFERENT positions on the BASS GUITAR NECK. Especially his LEFT HAND. He also NEEDS to "turn and LOOK to the LEFT, and the RIGHT. A "30" second to 1 MINUTE video clip will ACTUALLY WORK. Do NOT worry about SOUND. I can do the sound track, I JUST need a GOOD video clip.

Please apply for job if interested, and advise the cost for your services.
Motor City Phantom-Cartoon BASS PLAYER-NEEDS to be ANIMATED in 3-D.