***Update: I'll respond to those with portfolios I feel are a close match to what I'm looking for. Currently interviewing artists for the position. Thank you.***

This is a unique comic book project. I will consider children's book artists and comic book artists for the project. A combination of the two would be great.

- Must have a strong understanding of cartooning and exaggeration

- The story is a sci-fi fantasy set in WW2.

- The story is not slapstick or funny. It's got a transcendent theme at times. It's got a more serious tone, but it's still fun, and silly at times, and fantastical as well. And there's definitely a cuteness and innocence factor with the main character. There are even dark and compelling moments.

- The art style I love would be something inspired by Scottie Young but I'm open to other styles

- The character designs and world building can become complex at times. I have a vivid imagination and need someone who has strong comprehension of art. An animation background would help but is not necessary.

-Comic book must be full color and sized for over sized editions, posters, and international size standards, including Canada and the US.

- I will pay in Canadian dollars for Canadian artists.

- Please provide your rates for character designs and your page rate for sequentials and covers.

- I will give preference to those who can pencil and color. Inks are not required but if you do them, that is fine.

- Project is 3 issues in total, and approx 80 pages plus covers and promo art.