We are currently seeking a screenplay writer for a short horror film we are creating entitled "Statue". This film needs to be a total run time 25-30 minutes which would be equivalent to about 25-30 pages. We expect this film to be built with suspense and terror vs gore. Blood is okay but I don't want to rely on a lot of blood or jumpscares to create this horror movie. Below is the information for this film:

Father (35-40) (William)
Mother (30-35) (Kate)
Younger Daughter (12-14) (Amber)
Older Son (18-20) (Matthew)

(if you feel the need to add more characters in the script feel free!)

In November 2017, William and Kate Reign along with their two children move into a two story home in Louisiana. Little do William and Kate know, a year before, a family of five lived in the home until they were brutally murdered by the neighborhood sculpture. After Kate notices five dusty statues of a family in the backyard, she tells her husband, William, to get rid of them due to their creepy looks. The next night when William goes to get rid of the statues, he notices they are not there anymore and he may have some new paranormal intruders in his home.

All screenwriters must have previous scripts they have written before and at least 3+ years experience in screenplay writing. If you fit these qualifications and you feel you can bring this short to life with suspense and intensity, please apply.

If you apply, please send a message of why you feel you will be the best writer for this project.

P.S. - There is no budget set for this project so write what you feel would be best! Either way we will get the funding!