Project: Full post-production on a comedy short (12-30 second) commercial. Shot on BMCC in Prores422. Request FCP edit. Need a few initial meetings to discuss concepts and may want to explore rough edits of a couple different concepts.

The following raw footage has been shot:
Hazmat Concept
Dad overprotects himself in a hazmat suit changing a baby’s diaper.


-Man Gearing Up Location #1 - kind of dark and scary. Poorly lit workshop
-Man Gearing Up Location #2 - Hallway/brighter space.
-Slow Motion Hallway Walk - Chris’s hallway
-Changing Table in a Baby room - See crib and mobile. Animals on the wall -
-Driveway/Diaper Throw Away - As cookie cutter home as possible.

Shot List
-Quick shots of dad gearing up. Accentuate the noises. Conglomerate
-Zip suit
-Rubber boots
-Glove snap
-Shoot slow motion of him gearing up down the hall - wide and tight
-Slow motion just walking down the hall
-Tight shot of dad sighing
-His POV through goggles looking down at a cute baby. Wide angle
-Pulling wipes
-Putting butt paste on his gloved finger
-wincing/making a goofy face
-Arms working. Mid shots.
-Tight of baby’s face laughing.
-Shot of the first and last velcro action on the diaper
-Wipe with poop on it?
-Cute baby being held
-Baby riding on his boot smiling
-Final shot, truck in focus, dad walking to trash can holding diaper far away
-logo appears

Voice Over Options
Some people overdo protection, (audio context from video) but there’s no such thing as over-protecting your truck. RH, protect your truck.