Hello, Looking for someone to create an animated music video for me. I have an entire script written out to help guide you through. I will paste the script here. Once hired I can send over the song! The entire song is 3:57. I also will send reference photos of myself the artist and another artist I have featured. Please ask questions or inquire on the price.

Vision for Wishful Kid.
(I have provided a script I would like to go along with the words in the song. This is my vision. I also am sending you images of myself (Dre Keeley) to match my appearance in the video as well as NightKid who is featured in the last verse of the song)

Beginning: 0.00-1.04 Me falling through a space like watery like sky grabbing, hugging and releasing money and stuffing some in my clothes and pockets while its falling too

0.33 Gets close up on some of the dollar bills and it's my face on it singing the words.

Transitions back and forth from me falling to the close up of me singing on the dollar bill transitioning until 1:03

1:04 Then I Hit the ground but I'm cushioned from the money pile at bottom and from what I stuffed in my clothes.

1:05 : Verse of the song starts once I hit the ground. I sit up in the money pile and rap words while picking money out of hair (similar to how you would brush leaves out of hair and off clothes) and taking it out of my clothes.

1:09 small light floats by I am only focusing on the light now with my hand out trying to grab it.
1:11 I get up and I step forward and I fall as if I stepped off a cliff.
1:13 The shot transitions into a different scene to where Im back falling through watery sky and I'm just rapping the words while falling. Then goes back and forth again to falling and my face up close on the dollar bill rapping the words.
1:21 Then I splash into the water and it transitions to me riding a wave (I can be on a dollar bill type surf board riding the wave) into a wall of money.
1:25 I crash through the wall still riding the wave and grabbing the money that's floating and stuffing it into my clothes again.
1:27 Then the wave gets smaller and ends but I continue to fly through the sky from the wave throwing me and
1:30 I fall into a beach chair on the beach next to a pretty curvy women. She looks at me and I look at her then
1:33 I see the light float by again and I focus only on the light. I get up and chase it again with my hands out.
1:38 I then begin to fall again like I stepped off a edge to transition to me falling again.

1:39- 2:11 hook again goes back to how the beginning was with me falling through the watery sky and transitioning back and forth to my face singing on the dollar bill.

2:11 2:30 Then have a Money pile in the shape of a curvy women while I'm singing “you and me, me and you” to her then she blows away into single dollars through the wind and I start chasing the money down the beach. Then it zooms in on the dollar bill with my face singing then goes back to me chasing money down the beach and singing the words.

2:30 Then the money blows up to NightKid (picture provided) on a hotel balcony and forms into a curvy women made of money again.


2:43 Second verse starts with NightKid trying to touch the lady made of money but when he reaches out his hand for her she turns back into single bills and blows into his hotel room from balcony.
2:45 As the money blows into the room he is able to grab a few bills and stuffs them into his pockets. (this should be showed as he’s saying “stuffing my pockets till they overflowing)
2:48 Then he drops through the floor to transition into another scene where he's continuing to drop and drops through a crowd (similar to a concert crowd) (this should be shown when he’s saying “I cannot wait to be touring touring”
2:50 Then transitions again to him falling into a chair back in his hotel room. There is a glass of liquor sitting on the table next to him and looking through the glass cup you can see a women dancing on the other side. 2:58 (right after the word purr) Then his chair drops through the floor again and transitions to him falling.
2:59He lands into a Drop top convertible car
3:00 car skirts off in a moving fast motion through a city and a country (open land farm like) and back to a city.
3:03 Then while he's in the car he looks down at his phone and it says $100,000 has been deposited in his bank account.
3:06 Then his body lifts up out the car and floats off forward leaving the car behind him while rapping the words
3:09 then looks back down at his phone at an incoming call but he hits decline on the phone and keeps rapping words.

3:15 - end: final Hook of song. This part can transition back to both of us falling through watery spacey sky with money falling and we are both reaching out grabbing money putting in pockets. Can also have other objects falling such as microphones, champagne bottles, liquor bottles, cups, *******, maybe females falling but all we are focused on is grabbing the money that is falling. I also am going to provide you our company logo Creative Space that you can randomly place at the end as a falling object.