I am looking for someone to help me to complete a webcomic that I'm working on. I need someone who is fun to work with, accomodating, and available. I also need someone who will work for a minimal amount (for now). I am just now starting and I can't pay much but as my webcomic business grows, your payment will reflect that. We will discuss your payment and come to an agreement before you start.

This is my first time writing a script for a comic (I'm used to writing for other mediums) so I need my artist to be aware that they will be working from what is probably a nontraditional format when it comes to comic writing.

I can't pay much in the beginning ($2-5 per page for a 26-page-long script). Due to the low payment, I'm willing to just take line art. Payment would increase with success of the comic.

This is an ongoing job. Please apply for job if interested and once you contact me, we can talk more about the style of art and I'll tell you more about the comic.
Generation Y Concept Art.jpg
Concept Art for Webcomic
Generation Y Concept Art2.jpg
Concept Art
Generation Y Concept Art3.jpg
Concept Art