Our primary interest is to find someone to provide us with local Austin content/articles that is under reported and uplifting. We hope to do little catch phrases, short surveys or top ten lists as “*******” for face book that will encourage folks to go to the landing page where by his/her article resides.

Secondarily, see if she/he may also have an interest in doing any phone interviews with people (around the state of Texas) for the purpose of writing any opinion articles regarding insurance companies and how they function for patients and providers. These opinion articles would be published via our JFSEM website and not be connected to our business website. It is likely that these articles will get noticed by many people.

Thirdly, see if she/he would be willing to contact our previous patients and heart screen folks so that she/he may provide us with written follow up. In other words we would like to now gather some of the goodness that we have done, write about it and post it everywhere.

Lastly, I am amidst trying to develop a resource for the purpose of creating more short video / cartoon based messages that will greatly assist in getting our messages out.