I've been in the content creating business for 9 years, although it just become my full-time job about half a year ago. I run 4-8Productions, a video game entertainment community that plays game, creates tutorials, runs a live show, and a lot more while raising tons of money for charities at the same time!

I am in need of a digital artist who can create a variety of images for my show. I am very flexible but also need work to be done in a timely manner and communication is very important to me. Each step of each work is to be communicated to me and done in a reasonable and planned out time. The work will include Twitch Emotes, YouTube Video Thumbnails, small bits for video/livestream layouts, and possibly other things as needed.

As of now my biggest need is a few twitch emotes which are already drafted and just need to be made, but my desire is to create a long lasting relationship with you in order to benefit the both of us down the road. I'm no rich entrepreneur but I can promise I will pay you well if you communicate well!

Thank you so much for reading all of this and I cannot wait to work with you!

Some more about me: