Looking for an artist to collaborate with creating illustrations (still Images) to bring a feature film to life. I am a screen writer with multiple projects in the works. I have attached a small scene of a larger project. I put 200 dollars assuming it would take two images for the attachment provided. We can dial in the pay as required. It is my hope to use this an opportunity to work together. I am working on a 110 min complete film that I would like to work as well (we can talk).

I am going to use your still images as punctuations as the story is narrated, characters read by the actors, music and foley. We will read the script together and determine the images together, their number and vision. Each page of the screen is one minute of film. I would at min of one image per page. We will work together to figure out this in more detail based on price and complexity. I need your creative ability and a license for your work performed in order to showcase. You will receive exclusive credit for all your work. Aside from a fee, future projects could generate a % of Film revenue. I look forward to working together! Please apply for job if interested. Each project is different in nature and for example some have adult content. Please do not be offended as some illustrations may not be the best fit. Each project is different!