This is a story about Ubuntu and our differences played out for kids through food such as eggs and vegetables. The characters are Beet and Eggy Egg, who are shown here sitting in a vegetable/fruit bowl on a kitchen counter while a human child is cleaning the fridge. They are having a chat about their similarities and differences, and how they react when cooked, and what their purpose is. They discuss their roles at length... providing nutrition to people that feed on them. They are happy and excited. Beet is the rowdy one. He laughs hard, shaking the bowl, which falls off the kitchen counter. Beet is worried that his friend Eggy Egg is dead (broken egg), but Eggy Egg lands on lettuce and kale, and survives. The final twist is that later-on, Eggy Egg reveals that he had already been boiled (hardened) and that's why he survived.