I currently have three (working on more) manga that need to be done over the computer, such as Manga Studio, or your own personal preference as long as it comes out looking good. Everything is drawn out, and I can input the dialogue myself.

Only thing that needs to be done is outlining the panels, characters, background, everything! If interested, please apply for job immediately! Currently on the move for a second job, so as to pay whoever I want to meet with and takes me on for your services.

The titles that are already done are these three: Dragon Claw (first one, so art is shabby :P), Coconut Cream, and Holiday Scream. Currently drawing out The Heart Beats Like A Drum, and working on scripts for Dare I, Dandelions?, The Manor Misfit, and many others to come along.

Please help me come to make my dream come true! <3 :) :D And as a very important note, if interested, I need to meet you in person. Think of it as an interview. Since this is my own personal work that I've put my heart and soul into creating, I want to make absolutely sure that I entrust it into good hands. I live in Port Huron, MI.