Description of requirements/features: I currently have a large project in development--the lead developer is firmly in place. However, as the project becomes larger and more complex, we find ourselves in a situation whereby we need another pair of hands to help with the smaller things. These will be specific/discreet projects. We will start with a specific, defined project with possible progression to an ongoing relationship. We understand it will be next-to-impossible for you to bid a job without further info, but the complexity demands that we basically have a phone chat about it to ensure clarity. We are currently prioritizing our needs but they range from front-end tweaks to back-end adjustments based on user-feedback--all "loose ends" which need to be tied up.

Technology wise, the back end is .NET (C#), utilising SQL Server. Front end is mainly jQuery + SCSS, some common plug-ins, and a bit of custom code. Ideally we're looking for someone who has an understanding of these languages, with an emphasis on the front end skills.

Contact-wise, there will be regular phone contact with the lead developer, and possibly face to face meetings.

Specific technologies required: CSS3, SCSS, jQuery, C#, SQL

Prefer US or UK