I am looking for a 2D "Stick Figure" animation that will be approximately 2 minutes long or less. Most of the Animation will involve a single stick figure going through changes (size, arrows pointing, simple movements). There will be moments where other objects are also on the screen but for the most part will not be moving. An example is another stick figure, a pole, a door, group of stick figures, package, and perhaps 3 other objects. Almost none of these objects will require any animation other than size manipulation. The background will also be blank and white. You will have the audio narration that will go over the video which you will sync certain animations to. To bid for the job I would like to see something you have animated as well as the price based on what you have read here. I understand your bid may change when you get full details. While this is a "stick figure" 2D animation my vision is for it still to have a "professional" look. I don't want it to appear to be something anyone could do on their own for instance.

I have a storyboard of how I would like the animation to go but I will let the animator make changes and suggestions where they feel it is needed.

Deadline for the project can be discussed.