Looking to establish a long term business relationship with an artist to provide drawings for product packaging. The drawings will either be of military weapons or soldiers. Attached is an image of what style we are looking for.

It has come to my intention that it is photo treatment I require to achieve the desired effect. I have attached an example of the type of product I produce and also a picture from a magazine of how I would like it to look.

Photos of the product will be provided for reference material. We are produced a few products to date and will be increasing our portfolio of products over the next year.

Suitable candidate will be guaranteed work for 5 projects within the next 12 months, increasing to 8 within the following 12 months and working up to 12 new products in year 3

We are a young company and wish to establish our own easily recognisable packaging and ensure continuity of drawings.
Photo treatment to look similar to this when completed.
Example of our product