We are looking for artists and then writers to put my storytelling into words and photo realistic art. All of this is part of a grand project to PROMOTE all types of art, creativity, storytelling, science, role-playing and community.

The first part of this project is a living story being told and self-published as real people take control of the actions of the main actors (protagonist /antagonist) of the story.

The type of artist needed is one that can blur the perspectives of fantastical and realistic. Make the mind at first glance question what is real using black and white ($30 to $50) or color ($51 to $100). Examples would be; landscapes with a portal in the scenery that's not the center of the picture, realistic Steampunk vehicles that could actually be built and look like they may actually work. People standing in locations that look out of place or time to the landscape, and more...

This is a paid position amongst a volunteer staff of almost 50 collaborators. You'll be paid for the completion of the art and delivery on a moderate timely schedule. The pay is according to the quality of the completed art matching the generous deadline. Then the final vote from the creative board. Some which will be made public. Base reimbursement is $30 to $100 USD per digitally transferable 8x11 piece.. Rights/Ownership will be signed over to Skape Rends patent company MystechTronics unless the Art is Signed and given as a donation to Mystechtronics for print and your advertisement in the future games/product lore.
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