I am looking for an illustrator for our book series "Little Mr. Mouse". These are not picture books; they are designed to help children learn to read Persian. I am not looking for paintings with backgrounds. I am looking for simple illustrations to complement the text. - pencil or ink illustrations potentially with coloured pencil shading. The illustrations will also be used for the webpage.

The first book is "Little Mr. Mouse Persian, Finglish, English, vocabulary lists.
The challenge with this version is that the Persian, Finglish, English, vocabulary lists, all need to fit on the same page. This will affect the size of the illustrations.

The next 2 versions are "Little Mr. Mouse Persian, Finglish, English" and "Little Mr. Mouse Persian, English". I think that the illustrations for these books could be made by copying some of the illustrations for the first book and changing the colouring.

I have specific illustrations for the clothing of all the characters. These need to be followed:).carefully. this is important.

I would like to have all rights to the illustrations. I would also like to draw up a contract for you to sign
I might do a picture book version later of "Little Mr. Mouse Persian, English". But for now I am just looking for simple pen and ink with maybe some coloured pencil shading.

Thank you for considering this project.

PS If I like your work, and am satisfied with your work, I have 2 other stories for you to illustrate - "Auntie Cockroach and Mr. Mouse" and "Rolling Pumpkin".