We are looking to finish up this animation project and are looking for outside help to do so. Essentially we need 360 frames in-betweened, and another 360 frames key framed and in-betweened. Samples of the work are below – we are looking for help with the two incomplete scenes also linked separately.

Here are some details from the producer…

Firstly, here is the working reel for the whole film so far (last export= Sept 01):

The two big scenes that need to be worked on are Scene 07 and Scene 22. They both have the same character, Ziota, making monologue speeches (so yes, there is dialogue). It is being animated in Toon Boom.

I am currently working on in-betweening Scene 07:

Scene 22 is split up into two parts A and B, because more recently in editing, the scene was cut in the middle by inserting reaction shots of other characters. Scene 22 is still in the very rough scribbly stages. The poses can be changed at the discretion of the animator, but this is just what I've got so far:

Scene 22- A

Scene 22- B

We are looking for someone preferably in the Greater Toronto Area.