I'm looking to hire a comic book artist who can do a professional version of one of my drawing for my latest Comedy "The Husky Boys." I'm basically looking for the same image but done professionally. If hired, I can show you what the last artist did with my original drawing. This Comic Book Cover is what I have always envisioned as my movie poster.

Description of Artwork: These notes have an image to with.

The pool doesn't have to take up as much space as in my image. I would love to have the title "The Husky Boys" feel like it's jumping off the page/diving board.

The brick wall behind them should be a reddish color. Atop the brick wall is an old, green, fiberglass privacy fence. The fence should have Ivy hanging down and crawling over the fence from the other side.

Created and Written by should be in the clouds so you can make more room then what I did.

Superman: Self explanatory

Chicago Bears: Instead of the "C" I would like the classic bear logo his pool towel. The character is tossing a football up and down.

Super Soaker: Holding the super soaker with a smug *** grin. Old school 70's goggles on his head and a bald eagle tattoo on his right shoulder which is obviously fake.

This is a Work-for-hire. I will pay half upfront and second half upon completion.
My OriginalArt.pdf
My Original Art