In-Page Comics/Graphic Novel Artist Wanted

500-600$ CAD (Initial Commission with Later Top-Up)

Visual artist specializing in comics—penciling, inking, colouring, and lettering—wanted. Putting together a Kickstarter proposal (for early 2017), and I need in-page panels/sample pages from a 15-page half-issue pilot. I want to commission 3-4 pages at 500-600$, so a 150-200$ page rate. The work will be topped up by the remaining pages for the pilot issue, additional proposal funds, and a cut of sales—or whatever contract is negotiated between creator/writer and chosen artist. The artwork is for the graphic novel series, Samael, a mythopoeic world narrative—essentially an exploration of dark mythology revolving around my own re-imagining of the Greek concept of daemons. The story itself revolves around a dying cosmos periled by war, the trauma therein, and the daemon Samael (translates as “Venom of God”), who is the only higher angel in traditional Jewish lore who is both good and evil. The first issue, “Samael 01: Immortal Auguries,” introduces the setting, Vios, and the lesser characters—Edmund, Oliver, Sophia, and Poet—as well as the ideas and concepts to be explored later in the series—i.e. the start of the first arc/storyline after the pilot.

Will consider new and upcoming artists, but applicants must still have a strong professional portfolio to remain competitive. Please apply for job if interested.