I basically require an event videographer on the event day, 15th September 2016, Thursday in Canberra, Australia. Videographer will start from 715am - after lunch.

We would require you to do a 3 min video. The format should include the following; opening titles, snippets from selected speeches (TBA), interviews with selected participants, interspersed with b-roll overlay from event, closing titles.

1. Will we supply the interviewer or would we like the Videographer to take care of this?
- Videographer will take care of this, the delegates present are mostly from the local government and CIO's of MNC corporations around Asia Pacific. Don't think you would have a problem finding interviews, may just ask the delegates generic questions like their key takeaways and how they feel about the event.

2. When do we require the 3min video edit by?
- First draft submitted to us in 2 weeks from event?

3. What format would we like the final video provided in?
- MOV? Anything that can support the Full HD resolution. Or you may suggest?

4. 1080p resolution ok?
- Yes

5. You are to supply preview footage with timeline, providing suggested in and out points from video timeline.
- You may click on our YT videos for your gauge and reference. Then from there onwards, if you are still unsure then we will advise you wherever we can.

6. Do we require music in the video?
- Yes, upbeat tempo please, perhaps electronic music, but nothing too heavy. You may refer to our YT videos with the link below.

Event Name: Australia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2016
Event Date: 15th September 2016, Thursday
Event Location: Hotel Realm, Canberra
Event Time: 0700hrs - 1400hrs
Payment: AUD $900
Note: Only those based in Canberra may apply.