I am the creator of the new webcomic Resurgence. I've been working with an artist for a number of months now, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get in touch with him for several weeks and have to explore options in case he is unable to continue working on the story.

At this time, I cannot offer much pay. I can afford to pay a flat rate of $40 per page, with one page per week content. It's far less than anyone deserves, and I do apologize in advance if this seems insulting. Unfortunately, my current financial situation is not great, so I can't be nearly as flexible with my budget as I would like. Again, I am very sorry.

What I am looking for is someone who looks at my story, and believes in its ability to attract an audience. The person I hire won't just be paid flat rate, you will also receive 50% of all revenue generated on this project. If I receive $100 in donations, you will receive $50 - even if I haven't broken even yet.

For the story:

Resurgence is a story about rediscovering lost things. On the surface it alludes to the development of the world, and through it the rediscovery of magic. In recent past, scientists cloned an ancient species which closely resembled humans and brought back into creation beings of immense power. These children possessed gifts of illusion, persuasion, and control over the elements, making them the ultimate weapons. Countries fought for the right to research and create more of these “Fae Children,” creating a war that destroyed entire nations. Peace could only be brokered under the conditioned that no person, or nation, could create, control, of harbor the Fae.

Our story follows Titilla, a Fae hybrid and smuggler who is trying to piece the different parts of herself together through vigilantism; Drake, a hunter and merchant living in the woods that few dare to enter; and Emre, a construction worker using his love of teaching to cope with the deaths of his wife and son. They all live in Baden-Baden, a city that used to be a resort but became a home for refugees following the war. Decrepit, poor, and barely within the new German border, the city receives little government support. There is no infrastructure, no regulations, and no organized police forced. Vigilantism rules, and is never consistent between the various groups that exist within Baden-Baden.

Welcome to the city.