Important info about our comic;
- daily, semi-daily, and/or weekly SIMPLE B&W newspaper-style comic (1-2 frames only); hundreds of illustrations per year, thus minimalist cost approach appreciated
- comic will be for adult audiences; often perverse and crass innuendo humor but never obscenity, frontal, or direct situations
- we provide entire full descriptions of characters and scenes, thus we retain all IP rights; we are just not as skillful as you and really don't have the time to draw
- we may work with multiple artists so we will require a sample (no commercial release or value) from you (we will describe in full) for reproducibility and continuity and we may send you works we feel are closer to our vision for you to match. We are unsure of how many artists will join on, thus pricing to be supplied by artist for ONE individual comic i.e. 1 or 2 frames
- medium use is at artist discretion but must be supplied to us in electronic file format
- disclosure of our material to any third party at any time for any reason is prohibited
- instead of signing or initialing the work, artists will be credited by other means due to possible multi-artist policy (contact us for details)
- if these terms are agreeable and artist would like to proceed or seeks further info, please apply for job