We are looking for an artist that can create card art (3.5" x 2.5") for a game that we are working on. For example, we need an eggs card, we would want a card that said "Eggs" on it and maybe show two eggs that are sunny side up. There would be 22 pieces of art needed in total, this includes card backs.

The style of art we are looking for would be simple, but have a decent amount of pop. We also wouldn't object to a more retro style as well.

While the price can be negotiated it can't be negotiated that far, so if that is an issue for you please do not apply. The price applies for the total project.

Having been burned in the past we like for say 5 pieces to be completed, show us a watermarked or sample image. We would then pay for the 5 cards and would ask you to send us an EPS file format of the final art work.