Krystena Lee is a Florida based author seeking artist to render cover art for her freshman novel. Our story follows a young man named Dave and his first encounter with his spiritual gift, as he tries to help his sister who is on a downward spiral. Author page

To produce cover art based on the authors mock-ups for an upper middle grade novel for a Christian fan base. Also to develop a working relationship to produce cover art for future works.

Who is this for?
The primary audience is Christian teens and tweens ages 10-14.

What does it need to look like?
• This 200-page novel will be 5.06x7.81in
• A painterly rendition of the four main characters against a blurry urban back drop
• Client will provide detailed character and composition mockups
• Client will provide some royalty free stock photos for background or artists can provide their own.

By when? – Ideal deadline for completion of the project is May 25, 2016 but date is flexible
Budget – 100$

• Painterly style
• Knowledge of Photoshop or classical painting techniques
• Ability to do lettering that coincided with the look and feel of the cover art
• Cover Dimensions 10.815x 7.81 work dimensions 21.625 x 15.62
• There should be no "live" elements within .125” of the trim lines.
• Spine width .4425”
• Front, back and spine should be sent as separate files and all together as one continuous cover file.
• 300 DPI or higher
• Must sign a royalty free "work for hire" agreement
Main Characters Composition
Front Cover Mock Up
Potential stock photo for background