UPDATE: March 18, 2016

For those of you wondering if this is a serious Project, I just won an Auction on eBay for a Rapide Lite 200XL 3D Printer. This is easily verified on eBay my eBay ID is northof60th. You will see that I got a pretty good deal. Now I am sourcing filament.

I have had a couple of enquiries regarding what the final product will look like. I hope this helps:

Imagine the female statue surrounded by all of the vintage entertainment industry equipment on a 10" X 10" board. Complete with the Oscar it will show she has triumphed in the Industry. The Carrying Case will cover the whole thing.

Having a closer look at the individual pieces I realized that S2, the Screen portion of S3, S4 and S5 will be easier to print lying on their back eliminating the need to create Inserts I2, I3a, I4a and I5.

If this Project is successful other Parents may be interested in one for their Daughter/Son. Each one would require modification by a 3D Graphic Artist even if it is just a name change. The first modification to make is a Generic Male Version.

This would be a great addition to any 3D Graphic Artists Portfolio.


Unique keepsake for my daughter who is enrolled in a Radio and Television Arts (RTA) program. Roughly 10" in Height. Up to 5 individual Statues on a Wood Base with an optional (based on $$) Carrying Case. Statue S1: My daughter standing with one foot on top of S2: a Vintage RCA Television (See Attached). In one hand she is holding high an Oscar, in the other hand she is holding a Vintage Mic (See Attached) roughly towards her mouth. On top of S2 is a Vintage Film Projector (See Attached) pointing towards S3: a Vintage Projection Screen (See Attached) with an Eiffel Tower Base. S3 being flimsy I would add S4: a Bookcase that clearly has several Books in it. S3 will attach to S4 for structural support. S5: a Vintage RVA Victor Radio sitting on the floor with a Vintage Film Camera sitting on it. The Carrying Case would be a Vintage Bell & Howell Outer Case for the Vintage Film Projector (See Attached).

There are 6 significant vertical flat surfaces. For the ability to customize and enhance detail I want to create 3D Inserts as follows:

Insert 2: on Picture Tube of Vintage TV Screen - wording "and the OSCAR goes to Daughter's Name".
I3a: on front of Vintage Projection Screen - wording "Created by & Executive Producer Daughter's Name".
I3b: on back of Vintage Projection Screen - wording TBA.
I4a: on front of Bookcase - possibly an insert to enhance detail of Shelves & Books.
I4b: on back of Bookcase - 3D image of the CO-OP she stayed in while at University (to be supplied).
I5: on front of Vintage RCA Victor Radio - appropriate facing with name of Radio.

My plan is to print it all on a 3D Printer and the have it painted. I will need a .stl Cut File and the original 3D Software file for future modifications.

I am open to the 3D Graphic Designers ideas, particularly if they are cost cutting. As always Cost is a concern. Canadian $ preferred.
Bell & Howell Case.jpg
Bell & Howell Case
RCA Victor TV.jpg
RCA Victor TV
Film Projector.jpg
Film Projector
Projection Screen.jpg
Projection Screen