I am looking for an artist to draw a figure for example an angry tree that I can use for a gimmick or like the Gecko on Gieco. I would like for example an Angry Tree in one case throwing limbs at a house with or without expressions on the house, and limbs being stuck in roof. Or another for example an Angry tree that had a ball bat that has beaten up a car. implying dead limbs falling out on it.

I need an artist touch on this and hope I can get someone, I will be putting these up on bill boards and advertising for my local area.

I do want to point out that one of my last ads, the guy said if this business takes off and you make millions I expect that I get a cut since he was paid to make the ad. I feel this is wrong, as I am paying for all work and expect full ownership when I was done and paid for. If you feel in any way like this, then please don't waste my time.

I also am not sure about price so I am putting a price of $250.00 in here and hope this will get a few drafts and interest of some. I would like to see a few of the artwork of the individuals interested in this. Please have an updated portfolio showing samples of your work when applying for job.

I will be needing 3-4 immediately and 4-5 in about a month.

Let's get drawing!!!