We need a 3D Model to give our manufacturer to create a mold for a clip pointer that will fit to a side of a card and slide along it. We would like it look something like this:

Now this is just a rough sketch, the designer is allowed to add his/her own flair to it. The picture is displayed such that the eyes will line up with the paper and a number will show through the tentacles. In this case the number 1. We need this fairly quickly, by March 20th to be exact.

We need the head to be 10mm wide. From top of head to tip of longest tentacle is 24mm. From papers edge to tip of tentacle is 19mm. The back piece can be 4 more tentacles.

Remember we want this like a paper clip sort of. that we can clip to a 300gsm card and stay on it securely, but not so tight it scratches the card. The link below shows a similar clip.