I am looking to have a logo created using a picture of our family dog. My idea is to have a line drawing (so that the logo looks like a drawn picture of him). It needs to closely resemble the dog, however not too detailed that the logo can't be reproduced on everything from t shirts, letterhead, car decals, etc. The company logo should say Remi's Mini Donuts. The full name of the company is Remi's Minis, Inc. Mini Donut Delights. I am looking for a retro modern theme. I like the look of a circular logo. Our company uniform is black t shirts with the logo (possibly a saying on the back), jeans, trucker hats, and converse shoes. We are hoping to retro fit an airstream trailer to sell out of (if all of this helps with ideas). Black and white in color is fine.

Let me know any questions or thoughts, and when applying please let me know what this job would cost. I guess I would be granted complete control over the logo once created and it will be trademarked as part of the company package? Please apply for job if interested.
Only focus on the dog's head for use in the logo