We‘re looking for 1 – 2 prop makers to help us make props for card illustrations for a Board game.

The game has a lot of cards and each one has to have a realistic prop as a picture. Often these are everyday items, sometimes they need a bit of work or are hard to find where we live. It’s not just physical props, but also photos of animals, places, graphic designs for books, CDs, etc.

There’s over a hundred cards, so the commission is large and for several artists.
We are not a big budget company, just a bunch of people that already have their hands full with development and so we need some external help.
16 USD per prop + expenses isn’t much, but if you have a bit of time and would like to make a few bucks, your assistance would be of tremendous help.

Please apply for job if interested. We'll talk about the project and figure everything out so that both sides are happy with the collaboration.