•| CHRIST CANDY™ |• Coleman Sinclair in L.A. Actual

“Who said the Second Coming would be sweet?”

I’ve seen plenty of ******* in my time, plenty ways of killing, but nothing like this: a man literally ripped open from the inside.

L.A. Actual Coroner Takeshita, a colorful sleaze, described a sort of fever-fit, a twisting apart, as if the victim’s organs had recoiled from each other, in extreme agony.

"The ultimate self-allergy," he laughed.

How’d he know? The crystal trace of some “foreign agent” he couldn’t pinpoint etched into every cell of the body, into the very DNA. So, what the Hell kind of new drug could it be?

I mean, if not a new, probably experimental synthetic drug, what else?

And this was no regular junkie perp — not in his dress, not in his class of person. Definitely not in the way the seizure’d left him. Looked like he’d been clawed apart from within. Peculiar.

But more so the follow-up: a perp who fever-fitted, then walked away…

follows mercenary Coleman Sinclair from a routine investigation of apparent serial ****** into the midst of a deathmatch for survival and supremacy between power bases of post-Collapse Los Angeles.


Project complete through initial proposal (including initial character studies for reference), first script, and second script plotting. Seeking motivated artist interested in "gritty realism" and noirish science fiction: fresh character studies and several sample pages to launch the submissions process.

We are offering this project as an initial series in six issues, with option for subsequent series.


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