Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of my control I am placed in the position of finding someone to work on a very tight schedule to design a layout for a literary and arts magazine that will be debuting very soon.

The bad news:
This project needs to be completed ASAP.

The good news and details of work:

Previous work on the overall design of the cover has given me a great idea of what I need for the finished product. Several variants of the trademarked company logo are available to work with.

The individual hired will need to remain in contact with short reply times via email and also an initial Skype chat so I can relay information for what is specifically needed efficiently.

The concept for the cover design is already completed, I am not however a graphic designer and thus I will be providing examples of similar designs during our initial conversation, providing the company logo for use exclusively on this project and discussing the finer details of how I would like the completed design to be.

Essentially I am going to aim to give as much info as possible so you can complete this to specifications hopefully on the first design without revisions necessary and due to the amount of information provided, quite quickly.

Finally, the layout will continue to be used on each issue and a simple variety of colour templates may be necessary as we will use different ones to properly accent the cover art.

You will also be credited for your work on each issue of the magazine.