I am planning on epublishing a science fiction series about a group of eccentric characters, mostly misfits, who are the crew of a tramp space freighter, and their various adventures. The aesthetic should combine realistic high tech hard science with cyberpunk, steampunk, and urban fantasy.

Although the book is nowhere near ready yet, I'd like to get the hype going early, with an aesthetic website with good illustrations, sample free chapters, and character biographies. I am hiring someone to do the web design and ecommerce side of things, but still need to supply the artwork and graphics.

So basically what I am looking for is:

(a) A Book Cover. I'll suggest descriptions and ideas or a theme and provide sample text and we can take it from there. The image should be dramatic and draw the viewer in. The female characters should be realistic, not hypersexualised. They should be like the "the girl next door" only from the far future :-).

I suppose there should be these three versions, e.g.
(i) the actual image without text.
(ii) the image with heading, author, etc., for use with an eBook.
(iii) the same, formatted for hard copy, if it is ever made into a print book.
but if you have experience in the book cover illustrating field and could suggest other options, I'm easy :-)

As the book is not ready yet, the book cover doesn't have to be straight away either. But it would be good to have something to get the hype going on social media.

(b) Also, for the website, several photo-realistic or semi-photorealistic scenes. As well as featuring central characters from the story, they should have lots of hi tech special effects like holograms, drones, ships, starscapes, eccentric humans and aliens, etc. I'll google some images for ideas or suggestions of the sort to be portrayed, and also provide descriptive passages from the book. Only one scene needs to be ready for the website when it goes up. The others can be added later when the site expands.

(c) A realistic but quirky, or alternatively a mildly caricatured, portrait of each of the main characters, emphasizing their personalities and also showing fancy implants or tattoos, futuristic clothing, etc. Again I will provide images, and also chapters from books which highlight each character, to give you some ideas. I suppose I'm looking at about a 6 or 8 characters, including 3 or 4 main characters.

(d) A picture of the spaceship. It will be mostly realistic hard science but with some weird bioship or steampunk stuff added

(e) A main header for the site, also, a logo or portable version that I can post on Facebook, twitter, etc.

(f) Website background or margins design, of compatible style

(g) As the website and book develops, I may want to add additional art, e.g. of extra characters, spaceships, planets, space-stations etc. Each page will be on a particular topic featured in the story, and the illustration will be about this.

I am agreeable to working with two or more artists if, for example, one artist is better at portraits and another at space scenes or spaceships or aliens or whatever.

And as this book will be the first in a series, there is the option for a long-term working partnership here :-)

I do not have pre-determined budget, so we can discuss payment according to the amount of work, and come to a satisfactory agreement from there.

This will be my first eBook, which is very exciting. So I am interested in working in partnership with someone creative and passionate about their work. Both art and story can be mutually reinforcing in this exciting new adventure :-)