I am looking to hire someone to do a final read through of my YA novel, for coherency, grammar, and spelling errors. The novel is in the fantasy/ supernatural genre for ages 15+. It is 120 pages, single spaced, with 1 inch margins in Word, and just under 62,000 words.

I intend to self-publish through Amazon, so it will not being going through another editor or publishing company before it is published, therefore I am looking for a thorough and detailed read through so it will be ready and polished to self-publish.

Story Synopsis:

When fifteen year old foster kid and diagnosed schizophrenic, Ryne, bumps into a strange man only she can see, the carefully constructed pretenses of her life start to crumble, forcing Ryne to choose between the safe, mundane, mortal world that’s labeled her crazy, or the magickal world of nightmares she has spent her life pretending doesn’t exist.