Looking for an artist for a book I am currently working on. It is a survival role-playing game manual set in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The usage would be limited to the context of the book (to include any representation of the book for advertising).
The territory is within the US. Marketing and sales of the book will also be on an online medium, in regards to international sales.
The term would be subject to the agreed amount of intellectual property to be produced. The quantity is to be determined. The structure and rule set of the book is completed but I am currently generating more content. The deadline is not yet established.

The first project would be a title cover, for the intention of marketing on kick-starter to produce funds for additional work and other production fees.

I'm looking for a hybrid between fantasy art and cartoon art. The setting would be a somewhat dark, apocalyptic landscape with the skeletons of cars and buildings in the background. The center would be a group of rough, armed (preferably with melee weapons and firearms), travelers. Having a salvaged vehicle among the travelers is a viable option as well.