I am the head of Tallstory Studios. I have been working on a video game called Guardian's of Victoria. It is greenlit on Steam, but all up-to-date info can be found on the website!

What do I need?
There are many characters in the game, most are already animated. Over the course of 2 weeks, I need:
- 2 run animations (different characters)
- 2 walk animations (")
- 1 Melee spin animation (4 character angles provided)
- 1 kick animation.

4 characters, 6 animations- 2 weeks timeframe, $140.

I'm looking for animators of any experience level, as long as you can provide some 2D proof of animating- sprites preferred. Your work will not be forgotten, you will credited into the video game, having your work put onto Steam, across possible articles, and in relevant promotional material. This can be great exposure.
Character 1
right hand saw inner.jpg
Parts example 1
Parts example 2