I am looking for a collaborator to bring my picture book manuscript, "Anyone Can Be Normal....Billy Brooks!" to life.

This story is very close to my heart and so it is important for me to find a collaborator who truly connects with it as well. There are a couple ways to go about it as Biblio Publishing has agreed to publish it upon completion of ALL illustrations, or we can choose to finish a few polished proof pages and a dummy book that we can then shop to OTHER publishers.

In an effort to find an illustrator who will take ownership and be completely engaged, I am offering 30% of all rights, along with a first payment $600 dollars for character sketches, proof pages, and dummy book. Then an additional payment of $800 for the completion of entire book if that is the route we choose to take. I am thinking we should shoot for the standard 24 page format. (32 total with prefix/suffix)

I appreciate the time and effort it takes to illustrate, so I will always strive to be considerate, fair, honest and transparent with my critique...never thoughtless or hurtful. True collaboration to me means, I will always take into account your professional opinion and do my best to meet you halfway. Above all...I believe this project should be FUN! I take pride in fair compensation for time and effort, but (I cannot stress this enough)...I can simply PAY anyone to illustrate this book. What money cannot buy is... engagement, enthusiasm, connection and passion! I want someone to take ownership along side me, someone with skin in the game who will be just as motivated as I, to do whatever it takes to see this book become a success!

So if this sounds like a good deal...and like you... please apply for job and let's talk!

About the Book
Imagine a boy born to a Caucasian mother with fair skin and red hair, and an Africa-American father. The result would be a child with curly red hair and skin the color of caramel. In addition to just looking different, Billy also thinks and acts as if marching to the unique cadence of his own drummer.

In my story, “Anyone Can Be Normal, Billy Brooks!”, it is Billy’s most important characteristics however, that get overshadowed because he is unusual; he is an innovative thinker with a heart of gold.

I started off with the intention of writing a picture book about a boy who simply did everything a little different, but I soon wondered what would happen once this boy went to school? How would other kids react? How would he react to other kids? At first Billy is perfectly happy with his life and the way he is, until going to school. Soon, he is labeled as the weird kid, and shunned. Now being accepted becomes more important than being himself. In spite of his efforts to fit in, he finds himself the subject of even more ridicule. Confused, he goes to his racially diverse mother and father, asking them why it is so important to be like everyone else. They explain that people are afraid of what is different, and assure him the best thing to do is to just be himself. Consequently, he enters the science fair and wins first prize. Kids and teachers alike, admire his invention, and he is finally accepted for who he is.

It's written in rhyming verse, because I believe it is fun for young kids to listen to, and older kids to read.

I think “Anybody Can Be Normal Billy Brooks!” has an important message that teaches kids, and reminds adults about being judgmental. In today’s socially and racially diverse world, it is often easy to label one based upon skin color and societal norms, and not on character. My hope is that one day Billy Brooks will be the protagonist in a series of books.