I need a logo for our guild/organization for Star Citizen. We are a shipping organization that provides security for our own interests and those of our customers. Hence we pride ourselves on security, citizenship and honor and the values that make that up. So we have found the Lantern Shield from the middle ages intriguing.

It casts illumination, demonstrating that we consider recon and scouting an important part of our security practice. It also reminds us that we can be a light in the vast dark when the official forces of law and order are otherwise engaged.

The sword demonstrates that we are not only a shield, we are prepared to act offensively though it isn't our primary goal.

The gauntlet represents how integrated our defense team is with all that we do.

Lantern Shields typically came festooned with spikes and intricate designs. As a logo we would be willing to dispense with some of these, or replace them with more sci-fi style elements. Like weapon barrels and the like.

Our organization is called "Omega Sovereign Collective" and currently uses a falcon superimposed over a globe. We'd like to preserve some of the falcon influence if possible. Maybe a stylized screaming falcon on the surface of the shield.

I'd thought of turning the shield such that we are looking at it from an angle. Enough that we can see what is on the face of the shield but giving a clearer view of the gauntlet and blade.

I have references for the Lantern Shields we have been looking at as well as the logos other Star Citizen organizations are using that we would like to compete with as far as quality marketing goes.

We would like to use this logo on the internet, patches, t-shirts and posters. Hence our color scheme is Dark Blues, Blacks and Silver or High Shine Metallics.