Looking for a concept and character drawing for a Super Villain for my upcoming Comic/ Short Film.

The male Super Villain is ripped from typical 1980's Camp cartoons think (He-Man/Gi Joe etc...)

Male character
Should not look human, don't want Robots/Zombies
Wears a long flowing robe, that may have worked in 80's cartoons but would really look out of place today
Originality matters.

Zany but still kind of scary is what I'm looking for.

The design will eventually be something that will be worn by a human, so please keep that in mind, but don't let it limit you.

He's meant to look menacing, but it's a comedy piece, so think about having this villain ripped from his world and placed into a very accepting College Campus.

I'm open to all sorts of creative ideas and want to have fun with this character.

Quick sketches and strong portfolios are what I'm looking for to hire for this job.