Looking for an artists to draw a series of cartoons to illustrate African people in conversation.

The images will be used to teach African languages (in an activity book) for weekend school elementary children.

Guiding principles, story boards / samples will be provided to guide the minimum requirements. For example -

Lesson 1 "Introducing Myself":

My name is Ruubou, I am a female and I am 8 years old
(Image required): close up of an 8 year old African girl smiling

I live in Mozambique and I like to play running games
(Image required): African village side scenery with little girl running around.

My name is Milkii, I am male and I am also 8 years old.
(Image required): show a close up of an African American boy with big hair, smiling.

I live in America and I like to play video games
(Image required): A boy sitting in his bedroom, playing video games.

End of lesson 1.

Guiding principles are provided for each lesson. There are 20 "conversation lessons" which are needed which will require cartoon illustrations. Capacity for illustrations to be culturally appropriate, suitable for children audience is highly regarded.

The most important criteria is illustration ability and turnaround time (1 month). Pay is negotiable and no reasonable price will be refused.
sample layout of a 'cartoon strip'.jpg
Proposed layout: How the images will be used on the page
african american boy sample.jpg
sample boy
african girl running sample.jpg
African girls