I am in need of a 3D generalist who is capable of creating (or sourcing) a number of medical elements and animating them to illustrate a minor surgical procedure. The procedure is called a Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Treatment. It’s basically liposuction, harvesting stem cells from the removed fat, treatment of the stem cells, and injection of the final product into the scalp… all of which would promote hair regrowth. Here’s a step by step breakdown:

1) A male patient goes through liposuction on his lower back. We’d need to illustrate the needle/cannula going in and out of the patient, as well as a bisected view of the needle/cannula sucking up fat cells.
2) The fat (now contained in test tubes) is processed so stem cells are loosened from the fat, and then spun in a centrifuge.
3) After spinning, the fat is now on top and the stem cells are on the bottom of the test tubes.
4) The stem cells are mixed with blood and placed under LED lights and lasers to “activate”
5) The activated stem cells and blood are injected into the scalp of the male patient via medical needle.

I have an example of what I'm looking for and can provide upon request.

• This animation is for a broadcast TV show and so delivery would need to be in 1080p, delivered by 7/7/14
• Each step should be its own separate animation so we can edit it together ourselves.
• Handles of at least 2 seconds on each animation.