My vision is to create the perfect zombie apocalypse game with the intent of it being released on a console (such as XBOX One). I have character bios, story line, campaign modes, different game types, item lists, character abilities, etc., all written out.

So here’s what I need from you: the first place I’d like to start is with some character sketches focusing on the different zombie characters (of which I have 8 at the moment). It could be from general sketches of all 8 classes of zombie based on the character bio I will provide, to a sketch of just one character in much greater detail (including one front shot as well as a view from the side).

I’ll also need help, eventually, in areas of graphic design, animation, etc… If you’re interested in any of this at all please apply for job. When applying, please have an updated portfolio showing examples of your art, especially any relating to zombies, so I can get a feel for your work. I am looking for more realistic drawings as opposed to cartoonish/anime ones but I will look at anything you have.

Also, let me know what kind of prices you would charge. I don't have any set price on what I will pay, just want to get some quotes.