I am looking for an illustrator for a Scots phrasebook for cats, written by a cat. This will probably to be self-published. An illustrator with experience of how to insert illustrations into Amazon Create Space would be an asset.

I would like to connect with someone with an ability to draw appealing cats in various postures. My narrator/feline author is a Scottish wildcat. The cats I have in mind are mostly fighting toms and feral cats, rather than cute kittens. However, illustrations of kittens and other types of cats are also required. The ability to draw people, dogs, birds, mice, insects and farm animals, as well as cats, would be an asset, but it is not strictly necessary. I am mostly interested in your feline art.

I am thinking in terms of black and white line drawings. I would also like the illustrator to provide a cover illustration, in his or her own style, to compliment the line drawings. I am looking to hire one illustrator for all the art work required.

Pay is negotiable with the right person.