I'm a writer working on a manga, and also looking into self-publishing as an outlet to release my manga (that is in the works). I'm looking for a line artist who can help with the process of getting written format into comic panels! I'm not an established publisher, for starters, I might only be able to pay around $25-$30 dollars per page (just penciling), and royalties etc. will be discussed on top of that.

Also, this isn't a requirement but somewhat encouraged, I do feel it would be best that the artist have a relationship with Jesus Christ or at least open to depicting a story involving character who share belief in him. While this is not a story rooted in religion or anything of the sort, the characters do develop a relationship with Christ throughout the story and awesome wonders are in store!

If you're interested please apply for job and have an updated portfolio with some line work that you have done in the past.

After hiring a freelancer, I would like to talk over the phone to discuss details. The direction, pace of production, and other things in regards to the comic. Thank you for applying in advance and God Bless.