I need a promo picture that I also intend to use as a cover for a short film. It will be used to promote something else for a while and eventually (probably 6 months from now) it will be used as a short film "poster" on IMDB hopefully.

I would like for it to be relatively realistic, but if your drawing style is cool I might consider it. Drawing should at least be from the mid torso up. The face needs to be clear.

I want a picture of this persons face with this expression like this (but with no horns):

But wearing cool futuristic black armor.

Nothing needed in background. It can just be a simple green background so I can replace it later or a post-apocalyptic scene if you choose.

And 2 sexy devil women with red skin on either side admiring the main character on either shoulder.

The pay is for the finished picture... That is not an hourly rate or anything. Just to be clear. This is my first time using this site.