Looking for a comic book artist, experienced or looking to break into the industry who is seeking a project they can really sink their teeth into and become a part of. A superhero-esque story at heart, it plays very much into the Image style of comics as Erik Larsen once put it 'more mature than Marvel but less pretentious than Vertigo'.

I am asking for 5 character pin-ups, two 2 of the main character, and 3 featuring supporting characters/villains as well as 3 penciled 'un-finished' pages from the current script.

Terms can be negotiated later for additional compensation and payment in the event that the Kickstarter campaign I will be putting in place for the comic is successfully met and a full book will need to be produced. With luck and continued interest we would see subsequent issues funded as well as the story is currently plotted to be an 8 to 12 issue mini-series.